MGECOM works with a wide-variety of merchants who reach across many verticals, however, we won’t work with just every merchant that we talk to. Our clients are thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet our criteria which insures a quality partnership for both parties. We partner with clients whose business model will work with affiliate marketing, and are committed to running a long-term, high-quality, affiliate marketing program. Additionally, our clients must have a high business ethic, an open communication policy, and quite frankly, run the type of business where we would want to spend our money.

One of the benefits our clients realize is that MGECOM hires program managers that understand the nuances of affiliate marketing. Our program managers have 100+ combined years of experience in affiliate marketing, many of them having been affiliates themselves. Our staff have established long-standing relationships with many successful affiliates and our team regularly attends industry events in order to further our affiliate marketing education.