Our Services

MGECOM offers Affiliate Marketing Program Management solution for merchants focusing on: Making you Money, Saving you Money and Reducing your Risk. To achieve those goals, MGECOM’s talented, award winning, and experienced staff leverage years of experience to customize our approach to exceed your goals and meet the needs of your brand. Your Program Manager will apply our proprietary mix of tools and techniques to dramatically expand your market reach and drive down your new customer acquisition costs. Our custom Affiliate Marketing tools; The Tracker™, The Broadcaster™ and The Builder™, are the secret weapons we use to successfully manage your affiliate program and focus on increasing your affiliate program performance.

Full Management


The MGECOM Tracker™ Service is a proprietary-tracking solution we created that allows us to instantly know what is happening within an Affiliate Program. This instant feedback gives the Program Manager the ability to quickly make necessary changes to keep an affiliate program moving in the right direction. MGECOM Program Managers also use the information to accurately forecast the important metrics that can be expected from an Affiliate Program.


The MGECOM Builder™ Service provides MGECOM the ability to assist clients with increasing their reach and online sales efforts through the Affiliate Marketing Channel. MGECOM has developed deep relationships with online marketers and vendors who can help increase your online sales through their specialized marketing efforts. Our Affiliate Marketing partners promote merchants through a variety of methods, including: using Data feeds, creating Facebook Fan Pages, utilizing PPC Marketing, promoting via Twitter and a number of other marketing channels. Our vendors have assisted clients with lowering their shopping cart abandonment, on-site Search Engine Optimization, and setting up Pay-Per-Call Tracking.


The MGECOM Broadcaster™ Service allows us to get your message to affiliates in ways we know they want to receive. Different affiliates want to receive messages in different ways, and our relationships with them have taught us how to get those messages to them. Whether an affiliate prefers to receive messages via their Twitter Feed, by reading Facebook posts, by reading their RSS newsfeed, a program newsletter or by reading forum posts, you can be certain that your message will be seen by affiliates.


MGECOM has created a program for businesses that are interested in having a well designed and managed Affiliate Marketing Program, but are not yet ready for the commitment of our Full Service affiliate program management solution. Think of Incu-Beta™ as a “lite-version” of our Full Program Management services to show you how Affiliate Marketing can work for your business.

We will create a semi-custom strategy for your program, complete the basic affiliate program set up, and launch your Affiliate Program on an affiliate network that makes sense for your business. An MGECOM Affiliate Account Executive will be the voice of your program and will handle all recruiting, activating, and optimizing affiliates to make your brand profitable as quickly as possible. Your Affiliate Account Executive will also provide weekly reports for you to track your programs progress over time.

If this sounds like a program you would like to learn more about, please contact us to discuss if our Incu-Beta Program is right for you.