Big News for Affiliates

Here is the affiliate newsletter delivered via ShareASale on 8/16/07.

Issue 1 August 16, 2007

Hello,Welcome to the official Affiliate Newsletter. We are proud to announce that the affiliate program is now being managed by mgecom, inc. My name is Matt Enders and I will be your main point of contact for anything you need involving the affiliate program. I am here to help you earn larger commissions, so please feel free to reach out to me at any time.There are many exciting changes coming to the affiliate program. All of them will be to your benefit. We have numerous projects underway, but I wanted to take this opportunity to announce some great, immediate changes.

New Commission Rate and Cookie Duration
We want you to make money with us, and we want you to get a large percentage each time you make a sale. Effective immediately every sale you generate will result in a 10% commission payment to you! This is a 1.5% increase over our previous payout amount. In addition, we are also increasing our cookie duration. Rather than only getting credit for sales for 60 days after the initial click-through, we are increasing the cookie to a full year, 365 days! These changes should really help you earn more.

Current Customer Offers
Did you know the current deals and offers that we run every day on Here are a few offers you should definitely be promoting to your customers:

Free Shipping to the US on Orders over $60

Same Day Shipping on Orders Placed by Noon EST, Monday through Friday

Save up to 80% off retail prices every day

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Pay-Per-Click Policy
Do you use PPC bidding to drive traffic and sales? We want our affiliates to be able to use PPC in order to advertise our products and earn commissions. Here are our PPC policy details:

  • You are permitted to bid on any terms you like, including our trademarked terms.
  • You are permitted to bid at any price level you want. Feel free to be aggressive!
  • You are permitted to use our display URL in your ads.
  • You are permitted to link directly from your PPC ad to any page on our site.
  • There are many more exciting features, banners, promotions, and tools still to come with the Affiliate Program. Be sure to place your links ASAP, or increase their visibility on your sites, so you can begin earning more today! I look forward to working with you and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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