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It’s really important to understand what is offering, and I feel the best way for everyone to learn about the site is by going through all the links and videos to get a better understanding.  A lot may consider this information boring, but these tests are lab accredited and there are many things you can learn by using these DNA tests.  I’ll recommend that you not only watch these videos, but read these testimonials about how these tests have impacted people’s lives.  There are several success stories that can be very helpful for you in terms of writing content.  Below is a success story that shows how your traffic can benefit from’s products.

Success in Seattle

The ability to hurdle family history research barriers with DNA testing has revolutionized the hobby of genealogy, solving many problems where traditional methods dead-end, such as missing or inaccurate paper records. Cynthia Wilson, an administrative assistant living in Seattle, spent 13 years of vacations in Virginia and North Carolina courthouses and libraries poring over old deeds, probate records and birth registries, to learn five generations of maternal ancestry.

“I wanted to identify and verify my grandmothers on my maternal side,” she said. “I don’t mind the hard work of research and I even like to read difficult documents, like old court records,” she said. “But I don’t like brick walls.” And she had hit a big one. Her research showed that her fourth great-grandmother probably lived in colonial America around 1775. But there the trail went cold because of the incomplete records kept of her African-American ancestors who were brought as slaves into the American south.

The solution? Testing her mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), a service offered at GeneTree. mtDNA is a powerful tool for tracing maternal ancestry for both men and women because it is inherited by children exclusively from their mothers. Therefore a living person can be tested to represent the DNA profile of an ancestor. Then, if a matching genetic profile is found, it is very possible that common ancestry can be established.

Cynthia found an exact genetic match in the SMGF database that points to her family origins to Mali, Africa. “I was very surprised to find one perfect genetic match and 10 near-perfect matches on the Sorenson mtDNA database,” Cynthia said. “I really wasn’t expecting that. Could it be that I have ‘jumped the pond’?”

“This is a dramatic example of the possibilities the mtDNA-genealogy database holds for those who are researching the maternal side of their family history,” said Scott Woodward, executive director of SMGF. “It allowed Cynthia Wilson to reach beyond the end of her paper research all the way to Africa. This is the type of discovery that makes maternal ancestry research an extremely rewarding experience for families, and it was impossible only a few years ago.”

Cynthia is optimistic about following her personal thread of history further and learning more. “I am very encouraged by what I’ve found on the SMGF database and already I’ve begun preliminary research about Mali and its people.” is revolutionizing Genealogy, be sure that you join in and take advantage of this growing industry.  Join now on CJ or contact Nick Szeto for more details!