The Petscriptions Dental Doggie Bag

With the spotlight this month being national pet dental month, we’ve decided to create a wonderful dental care kit to help everyone remember the importance of dental care for their pets. This bundle will save customers 10% and can still qualify for free shipping, so please be sure to add this promotion to your sites! Below are some details as to what’s included in the bundle.

  • CET Aquadent-Drinking water additive made by vetrinary dental specialists to maintain dental health.
  • CET Toothbrush Kit-Dual ended toothbrush as well as a fingerbrush and 2.5oz bottle of poultry flavored toothpaste.
  • CET Toothpaste-An extra tube of poultry flavored paste.
  • CET Hextra Oral Hygiene Chews-15 count helps prevent plaque and and the build up of tarter-forming bacteria.
  • We have four different products available, dependent on the size of the pet!

If you aren’t already in our program, join us on CJ!  We’ve got some great months ahead of us so join us now!