GolfEtail Affiliates: Know Your Best Sellers

This actually goes for any affiliate program, but specifically for the GolfEtail program, it’s good for affiliates to know what is selling best on the site as inventory turns quickly. Because products move on and off the site so quickly, it’s good to know what types of items are consistently hitting the best sellers section of the homepage so you can predict which items will be a hit with your customers.

If you scroll just below the fold on the homepage, you will find the Best Sellers list (see below). This is dynamically updated with the top 4 best selling products on the website based on volume and rate of turn. Keeping an eye on this section over a period of time will give you a very quick indicator of what’s hot for a particular season, or even regardless of the season.

Lately, 3 of the 4 spots have been occupied by refinished golf balls. These slightly used balls are typically rated “Mint” or “Near Mint” in quality meaning that they may have only been hit a few times before being reclaimed and refinished. These are a great way for players to try out new ball types prior to committing to purchasing a brand new set for a much higher price tag. Also, it gives avid recreational players a way of having a large quantity of the balls they love that don’t necessarily have to be in “tournament” or best play condition…or if you just want to play junkyard golf like this guy…

You will likely always find at least one set of balls listed in the top sellers, but right now during peak golf season, you will probably find multiple spots taken up by balls, gloves and drivers as these seem to be the items that golfers most frequently update and stock up on during prime playing seasons. That said, make sure that these are the items that you highlight and feature on your site. Also, look for promos that match up to these items as well so customers have even more reason to head to GolfEtail and purchase these products!

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