Welcome to the Family: SUBJEKT.com

We think that when it comes to headphones, you should have access to a supreme level of sound without spending tons of money. Headphones are an investment, one that is essential to any multi-media suite. But getting a high quality sound experience usually means paying way too much. Subjekt changes that with headphones and earphones that look great and sound crisp and clear–at a reasonable price. You’ll hear the highs. You’ll hear the lows just as well. The bass booms. We know sound quality isn’t the only priority, though. Rocking a good looking headphone is a sign that you are a serious audiophile, one that wants their equipment to look as good as the music sounds. Subjekt has you covered there, too.

With as many genres of music as there are, there are just as many lifestyles and tastes, and because Subjekt headphones are affordable, you can pick up a few pairs for the price of what you’d pay for one expensive pair of a different brand. Subjekt loves to cater to different styles of self-expression, so we carry a full line of printed designs and a wide selection of color ways to blend with your look. No matter your style, we know you are adventurous and up on the trends. You walk confidently, push boundaries, and make things happen in your world. Music is an extension of your personality and helps defines who you are. Subjekt extends that connection to reflect in your personal style.

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