French Toast – October Affiliate News

French Toast October Affiliate News

We want to share some new links that are now available! To help you promote to your customers the products available for the upcoming winter months, we have added Boys Uniform Sweater and Girls Uniform Sweater links. You can find them in the LinkShare interface right now! Or, copy the code available here, but be sure to replace [SITE.CODE] with your personal Linkshare ID:

1. Cold weather is coming! Boys School Uniform Sweaters from French Toast on sale now![SITE.CODE]&offerid=35646.10000032&type=3&subid=0

2. Cold weather is coming! Girls School Uniform Sweaters from French Toast on sale now![SITE.CODE]&offerid=35646.10000033&type=3&subid=0


Your customers recently spent money on Back to School shopping, and we want to help them stretch their dollars further with these new discounts and offers! Feature these deals for French Toast items, all are valid through the rest of the year:

Save up to 50% on clearance items at French Toast today![SITE.CODE]&offerid=35646.10000035&type=3&subid=0

$5 OFF $50 or more at French Toast with coupon code QLSC5 today![SITE.CODE]&offerid=35646.2&type=3&subid=0

10% OFF your order with French Toast using coupon code QLSC10 today![SITE.CODE]&offerid=35646.10000018&type=3&subid=0

We look forward to helping you promote any products you wish to offer. For questions about the program, for customized links and offers for your site, or if I can assist you with any other ways to help your program grow, please feel free to e-mail Adam today!

Join the French Toast Affiliate Program on LinkShare today. You will earn 5% on all sales!