MGECOM Launches Dognition Affiliate Program on CJ!

Dognition Affiliate Program

MGECOM is proud to announce the Dognition Affiliate Program is now Live on CJ and we would love to partner with you!

Dognition began with a dog lover's gut reaction. When The Genius of Dogs author and Dognition founder Dr. Brian Hare watched chimps fail a simple hand gesture test, he blurted out, “My dog can do that!” The professor performing the test challenged Dr. Hare to prove it, sending him on a 15-year quest to unlock the many mysteries of our four-legged friends.

Dr. Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods have written a book about this, called The Genius of Dogs. How Dogs are Smarter Than You Think. This New York Times bestseller explains how all dogs think. Dognition allows you as an owner to apply these findings to your four-legged friend and discover how your individual dog thinks. Dognition presents fun, science-based games that provide an unprecedented understanding of the specific ways that your dog interacts with the world. The result is an expanded view into makes your dog special, and a chance to connect in new ways that you’ll both love.

Dognition provides dog lovers with a wealth of information that help them answer this question and more, allowing you to see the world through your dog’s eyes. Dognition has helped thousands of owners from over 40 countries get a fresh perspective on their four-legged friends.

The Dognition Customer is tech savvy and has a variety of interest besides their dogs, including Cooking, Fashion and Fitness. They are intelligent and social people who love their pets!


For dog owners who treasure a deeper relationship with their dog, Dognition delivers fun, science-based tools that help you nurture what is extraordinary about your dog, while contributing to the greater good of all dogs.

As our valued affiliate partner, you can expect fantastic earnings from the Dognition Affiliate Program. More than 7 in 10 US households own a pet, with dogs being far and away the most popular companion of choice. Dog lovers increasingly lavish time and money on their four-legged friends, no matter the economy. And while experiencing seven years of consecutive growth, experts believe the pet market will continue to accelerate as discretionary incomes grow, with pet services, such as Dognition, expected to grow the fastest.

For these reasons and many more, Dognition has proven to be a very popular service and our Affiliate Program enables you to take advantage of this new, exciting service in a rapidly expanding market segment.


  • Highest Commission of all CJ Pet Merchants!
  • 60 day cookie duration (return days)
  • Deep linking availability
  • Affiliate-friendly PPC bidding rules!
  • Dedicated, proactive, and easy-to-contact affiliate management
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Gabby Mackle is the dedicated MGECOM account manager that will be managing the brand-new Dognition Affiliate Program. If you have any questions, please send her an email. We hope to work with you soon!