Affiliate Marketing Guide – Nearly Natural

nearlynatural_logo_client_pageThere are a number of florist brands available in the Commission Junction Affiliate Network, but stands apart as a brand offering a background of in-depth extensive knowledge of the artificial floral marketplace.

The History

Nearly Natural was born over 75 years ago. The patriarch of the family, Henry Friedman, a renowned horticulturist, inspired future Nearly Natural generations to use their knowledge and enchantment with nature to create “nearly natural” floral arrangements that would make Grandpa Henry proud! In 2008, they began offering their designs on their Internet site. Excited over the stunning silk flowers, trees and plants offered online, buyers began to sit up and take notice and the orders flooded in. Business “bloomed” and a star was born.

The Brand

As pioneers in the artificial floral industry, we were one of the first to hire designers in the live plant industry to create our unique and stunning floral designs. Twice a year we travel around the globe in search of the best quality products available in our industry. Nearly Natural is proud to provide exceptional products that exceed customer expectations as well as offering them at a fair and reasonable prices.

The Marketing Message

All products carry the NearlyNatural brand, whether it be in the category of silk flower arrangements, silk trees, silk hanging baskets, silk wreaths or specific named flowers, such as Silk Orchids or Silk Roses. Our customer service is exemplary and we provide free shipping back to us should the customer ever be dissatisfied. Our return rate, however, is extremely low as our products are truly “nearly natural”.

Marketing our products through trademark bidding, is not allowed, however, a complete product catalog is available at Commission Junction, along with coupons, banners and text links. Sites that offer “real” flowers, also find that silk flowers often have a keyword synergy to “silk or artificial” flowers. Deep linking to keyword targeted flower types is permitted and encouraged.

Affiliate Value Propositions

Free shipping on all orders
Free shipping on returns
Monthly Coupons
Exclusive coupons to qualified affiliates
Monthly newsletters

Affiliate marketing opportunities

Up-to-date quality datafeed for complete catalog integration

Affiliate Program Highlights

12% commission on all sales
High site conversion rates
AOV – $184 (May 2013)

Join us

The Nearly Natural Affiliate Program is available on the Commission Junction Affiliate Network

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Please drop us a line at with any questions about the Nearly Natural Affiliate Program.