MGECOM Now Manages the BuyEmergencyFoods Program!

About provides a variety of emergency food storage kits in serving sizes range from 60 to 4,320. In addition to long-lasting emergency food, water storage and side dishes, we also offer bug out kits, backpacks and first aid kits.

Your customers will find BuyEmergencyFoods provides more food for their dollar, providing a greater value than they can find anywhere else. All orders ship from the US for Free!

Now is a great to time to get started or join the BuyEmergencyFoods affiliate program. We have revamped the entire program and upped the commission to 12%! Now, you can help your customers prepare for any emergency, or be ready to hit the campsite and you’ll earn a great commission for every sale!

The BuyEmergencyFoods Affiliate Program:

  • $500 Avg Order Size
  • 12% per sale
  • 30-Day cookie

Please note, we do not allow any PPC marketing. Additionally we do not offer coupons, therefore coupon-focused affiliates may not be approved.

Have other ideas on how you’d like to earn commissions from BuyEmergencyFoods? Please let us know and we can structure a personalized program to help you maximize your earnings!


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