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sdr_bio_headerIt’s nearly May, and personally, we’re excited that the weather is getting better and better! We hope that you are having a wonderful spring so far as well!

April is leaving us soon, but since tax-season ended, we have had a great time taking time to breathe and take a look around us. There have been so many amazing technology developments so far since this time last year, it’s crazy! However, the one thing that remains constant – despite your phone, your laptop, your business account or the technologies you use to access and manipulate them, the data is always the most valuable asset of them all!

The most common question asked by many customers and affiliates alike is simple – what does data recovery cost? The answer: It depends! Just like legal services, every situation is pretty unique, so without knowing more about individual needs, it’s hard to give a price quote. However – that price quote itself is FREE with Secure Data Recovery (and you get $15 for every quote request we receive!), which is the best price of all!

Is data recovery worth it for me? That’s both an easy and a hard question to answer – ultimately, it depends on the data you’ve lost and what value it has to you. Some data is intrinsically more valuable with an easy to assess dollar value attached, but some (like photos) holds more sentimental value that is harder to quantify. Both individuals and businesses use data in different ways, valued differently, and have different needs for a data recovery service like Secure Data Recovery!

What is new in the world of data recovery?

This past month, Secure Data Recovery has put out a number of great blog posts that discuss both the technology advances we’ve seen lately, along with some great tips and notes around the industry from our team! If you’ve not already done so, take a look at the Secure Data Recovery blog, found at today!

How can customers use Secure Data Recovery?

Once we receive the form, we send shipping instructions for customers to safely send their damaged devices. Customers are able to either ship their device themseles, or drop off drives at a local facility – which are found in dozens of locations through the United States! Once our engineers review the device, we offer a price quote and a general estimate for time needed for recovery. Generally, we offer updates on evaluations within 48-72 hours of receiving a device.

Once customers agree to our estimates, we work to recover data! Customers can review what we recover before getting any charges at all – to ensure we got what they wanted us to get! However, there are no obligations – if customers are dissatisfied or do not agree with the initial quotes, we’ll have the device sent back with no charges or obligations at all! Customers receive their data back on any device they desire, including having FTP for smaller files, or on another device (or through any we offer) – and for completed transactions, you’re able to get a bonus payout of $85!

We make the process easy – from start to finish – and want to make sure your customers are taken care of every single step of the way!

How do I sell Secure Data Recovery?

Ultimately, we want to work with you to help reach your own target audience. We are happy to provide creative for you – including brand new banners found on; we are happy to provide you with text links, custom creative, content (like this newsletter, or more!), and are even happy to help provide some PPC guidance – if you’re interested in promoting through search engines. We also welcome reviews, social posts, and more!

For custom creative, keyword lists, or for questions or assistance with the program at any time, please contact the program manager. To get links and banners for your site, or to join this program, please head to ShareASAle today.