MGEOM launches the Affiliate Program on SAS!


We like new survival gear and learning new skills which help us be prepared for any situation or emergency. Our goal is to make sure that every month your customers get practical (even cool!) survival gear and the opportunity to learn and practice new skills at a reasonable price. We focus on sending customers a few well-chosen items rather than stuffing the box full of stuff they don’t need.

Be sure to visit our website and see exactly what our subscription program is all about!

If your marketing efforts can target an audience that loves outdoor gear and hobbies, interest in survivalist-techniques, coupons, and monthly subscription services, we invite you to join our affiliate program today!

The Subscription-Service market is taking off like gangbusters and we want to help you stay in front of this trend to earn as much in commissions as possible. Put your affiliate marketing efforts into this growing market and start earning today!

With Father’s Day just around the corner, now is the time your customers will be looking for something special and unique to give dad this year. A subscription from is a gift that accomplishes that, and provides gifts for months to come!

The PrepperGearBox Affiliate Program offers:

  • $4 Commission/Subscription
  • 30-day Cookie
  • MGECOM management team
  • Custom Coupons and Promos!

Please note, we only allow PPC marketing on a limited basis, please contact us if you would like to learn more.

Have some ideas on how you’d like to earn commissions from The PrepperGearBox? Please let us know and we can structure a personalized program to help you maximize your earnings!