Meet MGECOM Affiliate Manager Stacey Shannon

In keeping with the MGECOM tradition of learning more about our staff, we bring you our interview with one of our newest Affiliate Managers, Stacey Shannon..

How and when did you first get started in affiliate marketing?
I started working for Direct Response Technologies supporting the DirectTrack Platform as a Client Services Executive. I was able learn the affiliate marketing industry through the clients that I supported. It was great on the job training.

What do you most like about the industry?
The relationships that I have been able to build and maintain over the years. Even though I have changed companies over the years I still know that I can pick up the phone and reach out to the people that I have built relationships with over the years and pick up right where we left off.

What improvements you would like to see in the industry?
Along with the continuing growth of social media within affiliate marketing I’d like to see enhancements in the recruiting process for social media influencers.

How do you keep up on industry trends, latest industry news, etc?
I keep up with the trends through reading industry blogs, publications and posts and through conversations that I have within affiliate marketing groups and with co-workers.

What most attracted you to join the MGECOM team?
The team approach that MGECOM employs. It is not a competitive environment but a collaborative one where everyone works together toward the common goal of helping our clients succeed.

What other jobs have you had outside of affiliate marketing?
I started out my career in technical support. I worked for computer outsourcing companies that supported businesses large mainframe processes.

What are a few of your hobbies?
I love to listen to music and to read. I read a lot of true crime novels. I find the psychological aspect of the criminal mind fascinating.

What activities/sports did you do in high school or college?
I was heavily involved in musical theatre and was the main soloist for my school choir.

What is your favorite vacation location?
The beach….any place that I can relax and listen to the waves coming into shore.

What would you treat yourself with if you won a big lottery?
A brand new custom built home.

Your favorite band to see live?
Wow! That is a tough question because I have seen A LOT of concerts but if I had to pick a favorite I would say Pearl Jam.

What is your “must see” TV?
Game of Thrones

Coke or Pepsi?
Coke although I’m actually more of a latte drinker….I should own stock in Starbucks!