Lawrence Sarpong

Affiliate Account Executive

Lawrence has been in the affiliate marketing industry since May of 2008 and actually fell into the industry by accident. Prior to working in affiliate marketing Lawrence was a graduate admissions advisor for a for-profit online university. After feeling the need to move away from ‘dialing for dollars’ he got an opportunity to work for a small company called Ticketsnow, which was acquired by TicketMaster and later LiveNation Entertainment. Within the first 2-3 months he knew that affiliate marketing was the career for him and hasn’t looked back since!

Since his first role in 2008 he has managed various network and direct relationships and has worked both on the publisher side and the merchant side launching, building and optimizing affiliate programs for companies in online retail for the first half of his career then transitioning into the FinTech space where he was able to disassemble then rebuild the affiliate program at LendingTree. While at LT he was able to take the channel from just over $100k in monthly revenue too almost $1mm in monthly revenue in just over 3 years!