Misty King

Reporting Specialist

Misty King has a 15 year career in accounting and information technology support. In 1999, she started working at Sea-Tac International Airport for a nationwide airport concessions company handling payroll processing and receivables. In 2005, she became a Certified Payroll Professional through the American Payroll Association leading to work specializing in payroll software upgrades and conversions for a handful of companies in the midst of software transitioning. This in turn led to financial ERP and data analytics software testing and validation.

In 2006, she joined the Puget Sound Blood Center, one of the largest non-profit blood banks and medical research companies in the northwest, as an accounting analyst and payroll specialist. While there, she maintained the fiscal reports for receivables in excess of $150M annually as well as handling payroll tax calculation and reporting in excess of $50M annually. A significant portion of her work has been spent developing efficient and user-friendly reports retrieving data from a variety of software programs that can be easily maintained and updated by the end user without the need for IT support.

Currently, she lives in North Carolina with her dog, a miniature American Eskimo named Kia, and creates stained glass artwork in her spare time.