I have forwarded our correspondence to my account manager at CJ and told her you are the best affiliate manager I worked with. I really appreciate your pro active approach and I will be putting your name for the best affiliate manager slot when the time comes later this year.
T.S., CJ Performer
I just wanted to write and thank you so much for the amount of time you've spent on our behalf. I've been very pleased with your dedication and support. You've been a real advocate for our company, are very easy to reach, and to work with. I appreciate everything you're doing for us. Thanks! :-)
Mike Mendyke, Owner, MyEmailDesigns.com
I should admit, we are really impressed with your response. We love working with advertisers like you.
CouponNerds, Owner, CouponNerds.com
My emails are always answered quickly and with quality thorough remarks and insightful recommendations to drive revenue. When I first approached Heels.com to become an affiliate she was nothing but helpful, supportive, and ultra knowledgeable. Her positive attitude and resourcefulness is exactly what I look for when working with advertisers and look forward to a very successful partnership with MGECOM in the future.
Mike Cecchin, Owner, HeartMyShoes.com
Thanks for the super fast response. It's really great to know that MGECOM pays such close attention to their affiliates and it makes me even more motivated to include and increase coverage on my site.
Deb Savvy, Owner, SavvyShoppingBlog.com
You and the whole MGECOM, inc team are awesome! Often times affiliate managers forget how much of a resource they really can be to help ensure a successful program. That is why we really appreciate the incredibly proactive affiliate management you provide. It makes our job easier and allows us to focus on what we do best while bringing you the results you need as well.
Christian G., CEO, CouponCraze.com
Thank you for being so great to work with... Your professionalism has been outstanding and your response rate has been impressive. I am looking forward to a really strong partnership with MGECOM in 2010 and that is solely a response to the meetings, however brief, that I have had with each of you.
Gina Navani, Affiliate Manager, We-Care.com
Everyone at Oopon.com loves working with MGECOM. We all get excited when we see that a store is managed by MGECOM. The entire MGECOM team is friendly, fun, upbeat and great at communicating. We can’t say enough great things about team and the merchants they represent. Thank you for doing what you do!
Ashley and Brett, Oopon.com
We have been pleased with the strong results MGECOM has been able to generate for our affiliate program. In just five months since the program has launched we have surpassed all of our competitors in EPC and overall CJ rankings. We receive personal attention from MGECOM. I look forward to seeing how large our affiliate program can grow.
Ryan Allis, CEO, iContact.com
If you are looking for an affiliate management company that cares then MGECOM is right for you. At Heels.com we are built on passion, hard work and honesty and we have found that MGECOM shares these same values. Matt and his team are true professionals and I highly recommend giving them a shot and letting them impress you as much as they have impressed me.
Eric McCoy, CEO, Heels.com

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