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Babies are a precious gift and well worth the morning sickness, body aches, forgetfulness and even the weight gain that comes with pregnancy.  Once baby has arrived though and most symptoms have subsided, most new mom’s begin to focus on the much dreaded task of losing the “baby weight”.

It is believed that a belly wrap reduces the size of the swollen uterus, reduces water retention in the belly, and helps you lose inches fast, all while supporting that unwanted baggy baby skin! Check out the Tauts Belly Wrap, and use the coupon below for $5 off!

$5 Off Tauts Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap by Brooke Burke.

  • Use Coupon Code: tummy
  • Valid: NOW – August 31, 2010.
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Not a mom who just went through 9 months of “required” weight gain, but still need to shrink your middle?  This coupon is for you:

$5 Off Baboosh Body Unisex Exercise Wrap by Brooke Burke.

  • Use Coupon Code: sweat
  • Valid: NOW – August 31, 2010
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Finally a product for dads too! This unisex core wrap is made out of nylon and neoprene which promotes intense sweating to help you lose inches quickly from your waist! Check out the Baboosh Body Unisex Wrap!

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