Custom Toll Free 855 Reservations: New Price, Bonus Opp

We’re closing in on the deadline for 855 vanity toll free reservations as the release day is less than 2 weeks away! In light of this, we’ve decided to simplify the promotions that our affiliates are running around this unique opportunity. Now, rather than needing a coupon code to reduce the standard reservation rate, we have lowered the rate for everyone!

The new rate for 855 reservations on the Custom Toll Free site is now only $95! That’s less than a hundred bucks to have the best opportunity to snatch up the perfect vanity toll free on a brand new toll free prefix!


In addition to the simplified promotion, we also want to give a big “Thank You” to our affiliates for the hard work they have put in promoting our 855 reservations. To do this, we’ve decided to offer an additional $25 bonus on every 855 reservation between now and the release date of the 855 prefix! That gives you just under 2 weeks to promote the best 855 reservation offer yet AND earn extra cash in the process!

Not a Custom Toll Free affiliate? Become one today to start promoting 855 reservations and to take advantage of this bonus opportunity!