Multiple "Best of" Award Nominations for Affiliate Marketing Specialist Agency MGECOM

volution at MGECOM in 2011 pays-off with a deluge of nominations for “Best of” awards.

Outsourced Affiliate Marketing Program Management (OPM) firm MGECOM is setting records with four nominations in the “Best of 2011” awards. “We are humbled to get more nominations than any other OPM. The past two years have seen tremendous growth of the MGECOM team with the addition of the best Affiliate Program Managers in the industry, supported by the most innovative custom program management technology. We believe that the Affiliate Program design, build, and management solutions that MGECOM clients enjoy are the best in the industry. However, it is gratifying that the industry insiders at ABW have recognized the superior value that MGECOM provides”, says Jeff Cress, MGECOM's VP of Business Development & Marketing.

MGECOM 2011 Best of Award nominations include:

Best Affiliate Manager in 2011:
Darren Zapsky, MGECOM Affiliate Account Executive representing the Century Martial Arts and Century MMA Affiliate programs.

Best OPM (Outsourced Program Management firm) in 2011:

Best NEW Affiliate Manager or OPM in 2011:
Anne Fognano, MGECOM Affiliate Account Executive representing various client brands. Anne is one of the original “Super Affiliates” and 2011 was her first full year of transition into the role of managing affiliate programs. Anne's years of experience as an affiliate, deep knowledge of the affiliate industry, and wealth of great affiliate relationships have earned her much deserved recognition for her newly demonstrated skill in managing successful affiliate programs for MGECOM clients.

2011 ABW Legend Award:
Anne Fognano, MGECOM Affiliate Account Executive representing various client brands. While the Best NEW Affiliate Manager in 2011 nomination is focused on Anne's recent work as an Affiliate Account Executive, the ABW Legend Award is a reflection of a long and influential career in the affiliate marketing industry.

MGECOM’s Director of Affiliate Program Operations, Mike Kansa, is of course very happy with this recent news as well. “I’m ecstatic that Darren and Anne have been nominated for these awards, as it appears their contributions to affiliate marketing and MGECOM have been recognized by many in our industry. Thanks to everyone who’s supported Darren and Anne!