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Every day millions of people are turning to office superstores and retail print centers for booklets, brochures, flyers, posters and presentations. Now you can send these same people to a better on-line alternative:

The History:

Mimeo was founded in 1998 as a technology company that prints. Success started with the deployment of a cloud based model we call PaaS (Printing as a Service), which places direct access and control of the solution into the hands of customers and partners. With an Internet based connection to an ever expanding set of capabilities, efficiencies are gained which make it unnecessary for customers to invest in digital print infrastructure and staff.
Today, operates over 200,000 square feet of digital print capacity, across three strategically located facilities. Our “open” architecture provides multiple ways for customers and partners to utilize the network as if it were their own. Services and solutions developed by a team of over 40 engineers are introduced monthly to ensure that new technologies are quickly integrated into the platform.

The Brand:

Mimeo is the innovator of on-demand cloud printing services and a leading online printing company offering digital distribution and printing solutions. Thousands of customers rely on the company’s award winning document management tools and print on demand solutions to lower document related costs while improving employee productivity.
Mimeo is the only online site that can accept print orders up to 10PM EST for delivery by 8:30AM anywhere in the United States. Our company produces thousands or orders each day, making us the largest overnight digital printer in the world and the best alternative to print retailers such as FedEx Office and the big office super stores.

The Marketing Message:

Direct linking to our site and use of our display URL is not permitted. Also, publishers cannot purchase URLs which include our trademarks or misspellings/variations. Bidding on our brand names alone is not permitted (including misspellings and variations). You may place bids on terms such as “Brand + Term”, where Term = “coupon, sale, promotion”, etc.

Affiliate Value Propositions:

A variety of monthly coupon offers
Exclusive coupons to qualified affiliates
Monthly newsletters
Dedicated affiliate support
High Average Order Value
Frequent affiliate bonus opportunities
Custom banner and link creation

Affiliate marketing opportunities:

Monthly coupons
Trademark+ Bidding

Affiliate Program Highlights:

11% commission on all sales
High site conversion rates
AOV – $250

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