The Affiliate Program Adds ShareASale


Publishers Clearing House is America’s most trusted and respected sweepstakes marketer. It was in 1967 that the company first launched a sweepstakes campaign, and not surprisingly, a chance to win money generated significant response.

Sweepstakes offers have been a source of entertainment and excitement ever since, driving high user engagement for online media programs. More than $240 million in prizes have been awarded…and still counting!

To help you generate the most from your Publishers Clearing House affiliate partnership, we have expanded our affiliate program to include the ShareASale network. We support our affiliates by providing a consistent variety of banners tied to our current TV and web campaigns designed for maximum conversion

The Affiliate Program offers:

  • $2 Commission/Valid Lead
  • Exclusive campaigns
  • Nationwide TV ads matching affiliate offers
  • Professional Program Management

Have some ideas on how you’d like to earn commissions from Please let us know and we can structure a personalized program to help you maximize your earnings!

Please note, our current program on is still active. We are adding ShareASale Network to offer affiliates even more options!