Tools to Keep Your Website Up to Date During the Online Shopping Season.

The online shopping season is in full swing for shoppers and retailers. Hopefully your website has been prepared, is SEO-friendly and your holiday pages have been picked up by Google which is resulting in increased traffic.

The one thing e-commerce shoppers love more than shopping online is to use a coupon code when they make a purchase. During November and December the coupons from e-tailers never seem to stop coming. As an affiliate, you try to keep you site and holiday pages are SEO-friendly so they are picked up by search engines. Even with the best effort to maintain your site there are still a number of things you can do to keep your pages fresh and up to date with the most recent coupon codes you constantly receive from your merchant partners.

Fortunately, automated tools are available which make the job of keeping your coupons up to date for your customers much more efficient: is a service which specializes in aggregating affiliate content, datafeeds and coupons. Many affiliates select the “Coupon Mini-Feed” to receive updated (and human verified) links for their merchant partners who are registered with FMTC.

Merchants: 10,680 merchants
Networks: 24 affiliate networks
Delivered: Daily
Fees: Varies

GoldenCan is a service for affiliates which aggregates coupons and datafeeds from merchants. They pricing is built around the “4th click” model. This means for every 4th click you receive from a merchants links on your site, GoldenCan will insert their ID. If the sale converts on that click, GoldenCan will earn the commission. For all other clicks, the affiliate will earn the commission. Some merchants have paid GoldenCan a fee.

Merchants: Thousands
Networks: CJ, ShareASale, Pepperjam, Avantlink, Amazon, LinkShare
Delivered: Daily
Fees: 4th click or All click free

ShareASale Coupon Feed: Affiliates who work with ShareASale merchants can register for this free daily delivery of coupons from their ShareASale merchants.
Merchants: Thousands
Delivered: Must log in or via RSS, or via XML download
Fees: Free

We hope you have a great holiday season! As always, if you have questions about the holiday coupons from MGECOM clients, please let us know!