Meet MGECOM Affiliate Manager Lawrence Sarpong

In keeping with the MGECOM tradition of learning more about our staff, we bring you our interview with our Affiliate Manager, Lawrence Sarpong!

What do I like most about the industry:
I like the fact that the industry has gone from the ‘red headed stepchild’ of the marketing funnel to a fully viable pay for performance source of revenue. An analogy that I have heard before and love is: Marketing is like chicken noodle soup where as the affiliate channel is the carrots or celery…a filler. My goal is always to make the channel more of the chicken or noodles that brings everything together.

Travel, travel and more travel! I take several international trips per year. My goal is to visit every continent. Between 2017 and 2018 alone I have visited/worked from Norway, South Africa, Italy, Ghana, Thailand, Hong Kong, Columbia, Brazil, Spain, Andorra and Mexico.
If I had to choose my favorite destination to work from I would say that Medellin, Columbia or Bangkok Thailand are by far my favorite. If I could live anywhere and just LIVE…it would be CapeTown, South Africa.

IF I won the lottery today ($1.6b) what would I do…I think I would get away and be unreachable for about 3 months while I figured out what I was going to do with my new riches..but the first thing I would buy after I figured it out is a fantastic compound style home sitting on about 5 acres in Hawaii or someplace warm and tropical!

Coke or Pepsi? Well…lets just say that no one orders a rum and Pepsi.