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Ipsos Affiliate News

March Madness Bonus One of the reasons marketers are attracted to affiliate marketing is the excitement of watching our sales and commission increase proportional to our effort. So in March your bonus will be directly related to your lead growth. So start working now on ideas to grow your Ipsos lead generation. It'll be worth it because everybody who shows…

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Checks Superstore February Affiliate Bonus Opportunity!

Thank you to all our affiliates for your hard work over the past weeks to make the Checks Superstore Affiliate Program a major success. January bonuses have been issued to all affiliates who met their goals, and if for any reason you believe we missed your bonus payment please contact us. February Affiliate Bonus Any affiliate who has generated a…

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Welcome: BidCricket is now LIVE in Share-A-Sale

BidCricket is one of the newest additions to the MGECom Family, and has recently gone live in the Share-A-Sale network.  BidCricket.com is a entertainment auction site where customers can buy brand new products for pennies on the dollar!  Boasting a 15% commission rate on all orders with a 60 day cookie to maximize your commission potential, BidCricket is one of…

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