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3 Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Boost Conversion Rates

eCommerce stores spend heavily on advertising to get customers to their sites. However, many online merchants overlook strategies that can increase conversion rate and turn more site traffic into purchases. Online brands that invest wisely in these 3 ways to boost holiday conversions will enjoy more sales and profits this holiday season and beyond. The best news is that all…

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Save Your Memories – Digitize Your Family History!

As anyone reading this post is well aware, digital photographs and videos have been the standard media for quite a while. With the advent of cellphone cameras, action sports helmet cams, iPads, etc, nearly every electronic gadget out there has a camera on it. Luckily, anyone born after 2005 will have endless digital history books about themselves and everything you’ve…

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Tips for Merchant’s to Avoid an Affiliate’s “Naughty List”.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, affiliates and merchants should have a common goal. Whether it is to increase sales or new leads, both parties should be on the same page to accomplish that goal. However, over the past year we have seen instances where merchants have made decisions regarding their affiliate program that have left affiliates saying, “Huh?” Sometimes…

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